Travel #5: Mexico

Hello there :)

I hope to find you well and with energy.
It's pratically Sunday morning here and so far it was a great weekend. I have been working on my uni projects and watching shows and movies.

Talking about what really matters, as you know from my last post I will be heading to Mexico in May to a 7-day trip in Riviera Maya. I already told you all about the flight we choose and why we did it, so it is time to talk about the Hotel.

I don't know about you but when I look for a hotel to stay at paradises like Riviera Maya I look for an All Inclusive Resort, that allows me to chill when I want to chill and always count on very good meals and pools. Sorry, I have a thing with pools..

We were completely overwhelmed with the amount of resorts available and all the great reviews to all of them. At first, we even booked an Ocean Hotel H10 since it seems amazingly beautiful and we got very very good reviews.

After a bit of research, we found that maybe a Barceló Hotel would be better so we decided to give a little bit of attention and check better what people had to say about the Occidental Xcaret Destination. Everything seemed very very good, pool and food included, but the resort is within a park and, for what we understood, even if you're a guest you have to pay to get in. Also the beach was not very good.

Barceló Hotels

So, do you know that sensation when someone presents you 3 different desserts for you to choose and you just go with the same old dessert? That's how I felt about the resorts...

When in Punta Cana we stayed at Luxury Bahia Principe and we had the time of our lives. Everything was absolutely perfect, so I thought "Wait.. why risk going to a different hotel chain and be disappointed if I know that with this one everything will go well?".

Obviously, Bahia Principe has 4 different resorts in Riviera Maya which caused us a bit of trouble making the decision. At the end of the day, we were left with Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal and Luxury Bahia Principe Sian Ka'an.

There are two main differences between these two: the distance to the beach and being an 18+ only hotel. Everything else is pratically the same, since both hotels are within the same resort.
Being in an over 18 only hotel can be very good but honestly I prefer being closer to the beach and not having to spend 15/20 minutes everytime I wanna go to "civilization".

So, do you know what we choose?? Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal!! Please take a look at some photos of the hotel and be amazed in here.

Have a very good week!



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