Travel Tips #2: 5 Ways to fight jet lag


Imagine, you're on your way to some dream vacations accross the world and suddenly it hits you really hard. What is it? Jet Lag.
My question is why do we all have to endure with jet lag and is there anything we can do to reduce the impact it has on us?
As a girl who doesn't like to leave questions unanswered, I did some search about this subject and I bring you today some tips to help you fight jet lag and enjoy every trip you do.

#1 Prepare yourself
Take time to relax at least a week before you travel. When I say relax is just to loosen up your eating and sleeping schedules and try to start to adapt to the new time zone you will be going to. This means that you can try to sleep earlier or later depending on where you're going. Be sure that you leave your home well rested, so take time before your flight to sleep.

#2 Stay confortable
At the plan try to get a good seat where you can rest and relax. Usually, try to change seats to the largest ones if they're not occupied, but be sure to be back to your seat to land. Also, take movies with you, headphones and an eye mask to shut down the lights. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the flight and just enjoy it.

#3 Arrive during the day
This is one of the easiest tips to understand, since if you arrive at your destination in the morning, surely you will take the rest of the day to walk around, which means that you will get to do a local schedule. Therefore, not only you fully enjoy your trip but also you will be almost adapted by the second day of journey.

#4 No direct flights
For example, if you're travel from Europe to Japan, in a direct flight you have to put up with too much time seated on an airplane. Always try to split your trip in at least two different flights so your body can rest in between. If you check it well it can even drop your airfare price!



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