Travel Tips #1: How to pack light for beach vacations


We all know how hard it can become to pack for some days abroad, right girls? Usually, we tend to over pack and just take so much stuff that we won't use at all. Sometimes, while I'm preparing everything that I will take with me I have the awesome ability to pack thing that I don't even use at home, which means that it won't be used away from home as well.

Since I started going on vacations with my parents, I always had big luggage with me and mostly our vacations were on the beach so I have always been a heavy traveler. This stopped after my first vacations with B. and why, you ask? Because I had to carry a freaking heavy bag all over the place, going through airports, railway stations, undergrounds and buses! Paris underground drove us nuts when we saw the amount of stairs we had to climb without escalators. This was definitely a turning point for me. This and the fact that Paris was the first stop of a 21 days journey through 4 European countries with that gigantic bag.

Almost 4 years have passed since that day and I learned something very very important which I apply on my every single vacation: travel freaking light!!! No way I will need 10 tops or t-shirts for a week, nor even 5 shorts, 4 skirts and 5 jeans!

So today is the day that I will try to be helpful and give you some tips on how to pack light for beach vacations.

  • Choose a hand luggage that you are sure to fit within the measurements imposed by airlines and choose a backpack since it is much easier to travel with. You can check the sizes here or directly at the airline website. This year I went to London and didn't have any good backpack I could use as hand luggage, so I purchased this one and believe it does the job very very well. It is resistant and it fits anything inside!

  • Take time to prepare everything otherwise you will find yourself unpacking your snowboarding equipment for some amazing vacations at a resort in the Maldives. So be ready to waste at least half a day doing a list with what you should take and getting those same things ready to pack.

  • Something that maybe you never think much about is the fabric from which your clothes are made of. Try to pack only clothes with non-wrinkling and light weighted fabrics. If it is light weighted it occupies less space and if it is a wrinkle-free fabric you won't need to iron it after unpacking it.
  • So, if you're going to be on vacations by the beach you don't need much. Ok, I get it, you want to look good in any situation. If you're like this, the secret is coordination and thinking about outfits/looks. It's not worth it to take like 7 individual outfits which pieces don't match with others. Always go for pieces that match with each other and that you can simply mix up and create different looks.

  • Additionally, make sure that whatever clothes you take you can use them both for running around checking the views or go to the beach or even for going out at night.

  • Now, what to take for real? Just give a try to follow this list (or even try to minimize it!):

    • 4 tops/t-shirts (in which you should have one less casual)

    • 2 pairs of shorts

    • 1 skirt (optional)

    • 1 pair of trousers/jeans (dark wash since it works for any occasion)

    • 2 bikini tops and 2 bottoms and then mixed them!

    • 1 rainproof jacket (you never know)

    • 1 dress (obviously if you have any occasion where you need to up a little your style like a dinner)

    • 1 or 2 cardigans (if it gets chill outside)

    • 1 pair of flip-flops or beach sandals

    • 1 pair of sneakers (on your feet)

    • 1 pair of sandals (for the dinner you may have to look cute)

    • 1 Hat (protect that hair ladies!)
Note: I won't tell you how many bras, panties or socks you should take with you since this is something very personal. Usually I take one pair for each day traveling and I always try to add up one pair of socks and panties, just in case.

  • Well, and what about the toiletries? This is one of the hardest parts for women. How can I spend a few days with a limited amount of shampoo and conditioner and cream? I would advise to only take what can be considered essential so, for example, if the hotel provides toiletries, don't bother at all taking it from home. If not, purchase some small containers appropriate for traveling where it fits only 100ml for each product and at least you are sure that you won't lose any beauty product while doing the check-in, like these ones.
  • What I also tend to do is to purchase some beauty products there like the shampoo and body wash, I just choose the cheapest one so I don't bother with leaving it behind. So, on every travel I take at least the items from the list below:
    • Toothbrush 
    • Toothpaste (i am very picky with this)
    • Body cream (small bottle)
    • Ralph Lauren perfume
    • Face cream
    • Any face cleaning product
    • Deodorant
  • Since we are talking about packing light for beach vacations, you should never forget to take with you sunscreen (mine is always 50+), a very good after sun and any product to protect your hair from the sun. These 3 are always something you must pack on your bag immediately or purchase it as soon as you arrive your destination.
I say goodbye today hoping that you considered this post helpful, but you can reach anytime by e-mail or Facebook. To finish it big, you can also watch some cool videos on YouTube about how to pack. Check this one and this one and be amazed!



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